Christmas Day in USA

Christmas Day in US – it’s all about great celebration

Most Americans are Christian and celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm; since it is celebrated all over the world but the way of celebration being slightly changed when it’s come to US. Let’s know how:

What about Christmas holiday

US consist a different type of constitution so, there is no national holiday as public holiday are not mandated by any government agencies, be it federal, state or local; it’s up to the state government to have holiday on Christmas or not. On the other hand, most states also allow local jurisdictions including cities, villages, etc. to establish their own local holidays. On the Christmas day, most businesses are closed and people have the day off and to celebrate Christmas.

To spice up Christmas Day

To vibrate the whole environment with the celebration of Christmas, people decorate their home, garden, Christmas tree with colorful ribbon, electric light, flower and other decorative item. Shopping Malls try to catch a lot of visitors and buyer with putting up a Christmas tree and special decorative items. To make the day memorable, Santa Claus dressed up in red and white attire offer them chocolate and gifts creating laughing moments.

Organize special events and meal

On the day of Christmas, it’s very common to organize a special meal for family member, friend and relative and surprise those offering amazing gifts. Many schools, churches and communities are also organized special events. Special events on Christmas enthralled the environment as some groups arrange meals, shelter or charitable projects for people without a home or with very little money.

Spending a great time

Families have a special time on Christmas and spend lavishly on gifts and food. To grand celebration many people go out of town and having great Christmas evening. As the public transports do not offer their service, so sometimes it causes congestion and road choked with heavy traffic.

On the Christmas Eve

Gift-giving has become so common the special day and most shopping stores and online shopping portal offer heavy discount on purchasing. On the eve, the whole atmosphere gets very sweet as everyone is engaged in serving and offering cake chocolates to their beloved, relatives and friends.

Americans carry a big and sweet heart

To add more happiness, employers give their worker special Christmas bonus in order to appreciate their work. Lifting up prosperity, people and organization share food and money the poor and send money to hospitals or orphanages to contribute funds.

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