How to Play Rugby

Though, there are many outdoor games to play such as cricket, football, tennis, etc. But do you have any idea about Rugby? It can be that many of you have tried to watch it on television, but got confused about its rules and the methodology of playing while some of you would already have enough knowledge about Rugby. If you already know about Rugby, then you can skip. But if not, then scroll down to come to know How to Play Ruby.

In a nutshell, Rugby is a game which is played between two teams. Each team should have fifteen players. To increase their score, each team can carry, pass or kick the ball to the end zone. And the team who gain high points would be is the winner of the match.The Rugby match is controlled by one referee and two touch judges. In case, if someone gets injured of hurt, then there is only one minute to decide whether one should want to continue or not. This game does not come with the “Time Outs” concept.

Each team has a right for seven replacements; Six of the replacements are at the team discretion and seventh if anyone gets injured. APlayer cannot re-join the game if he is substituted. But if he gets temporarily substituted and can allow yourself to return within 10 minutes, then he can re-join the team.

  • In the starting of game, the ball is put at centre of the field and the game beings with a kickoff.
  • Each team has to make points by carrying, passing or kicking the ball to the end zone.
  • In Rugby, try is scored when a player touched the ball field in the opponent’s in-goal and that team is rewarded five points.
  • After a try is scored, the team achieves the opportunity to score a goal by kicking the ball over the opponent’s cross-bar and in between the goal posts in order to score an additional two points. To put in another words, it’s conversion points.
  • The ball must be kicked from a line perpendicular to where the ball was touched down.
  • In case, if the opponent commits a penalty during game, the offended team can attempt a penalty kick to get three points.

At the time of playing game, Player should keep in mind that he must immediately pass or released the ball. And must move away from it to ensure their victory.

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