Yoga for health

Yoga is good for health and overall well being is a fact that many people are aware of but
the matter of the crux is that how much you need to do and what all asans (yogic
postures) you need to perform in order to get the desired benefits. Yoga is an ancient
form of breathing exercises and postures that you need to do in order to achieve good
health, mentally as well as physically. It’s basically a set of complete exercises for body
and mind that rejuvenates you totally and can be done at any time of day although the
best time to do is early in the morning.

Nowadays many forms of Yoga are available for you to do, such as Bikram Yoga, Hot
Yoga, Power Yoga, etc., wherein each of them is suited for different set of people. For
example Hot Yoga is beneficial for people who wish to reduce weight fast and get quick
results while Power Yoga is good for athletes and sports person. Although, as stated
above, many variants of yoga are available but the ancient and original set of postures are
still considered to be the best.

In today’s world of extremely fast paced life and junk food, the most common ailments
that mankind is suffering from is stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Due to longer working
hours, tight deadlines and reduction in time for self and family, various mental illnesses
are cropping up, which devastate the person suffering from it totally. In such a scenario,
yoga is of great help, since you tend to achieve desired results in shorter duration of time
and you can do these yogic postures anywhere, be it your home, office or any other place
for that matter.

In various mental illnesses, that the world is suffering from today, the most beneficial
asana or yogic posture is Shav Asana, in which you lie down flat on your back with your
arms lying by your side and feet just a little distance away, relaxed and composed. Next
you focus on your breathing and divert your mind from any thoughts that may be coming
or worrying you. You lie down in this pose for 3 to 5 minutes and focus only on yourself
and your consciousness, nothing else. Doing this simple asana, which is also called
Corpse Pose, can help you get rid of various mental as well as physical illnesses.

Yoga means the union or meeting of body and soul, the two essential components that we
as human beings are composed of. Although body is visible, the soul is not visible by any
material means due to which any predicament related to soul cannot be easily rectified or
cured. In such a scenario yoga is of great help since it tends to work both on soul as well
as body so that you get cured completely and nothing is left behind as such. It’s an
established fact and we from this article also assert positively that yoga and its various
yogic postures are quite helpful in leading a healthy and fit life.

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