Guest Blogger

We love writing and We love telling our to- be publishing about what’s important and what’s inconsequential , what’s hot and what’s so not. We love it more, when you write anything for us. invites entertainment,  fashion and style bloggers/experts or anyone who wants to help to-be weds. We invite them to submit their entries for our guest blogger/ author section. is India’s biggest market place for blogging. We have listed lacs of  vendors and help thousands of viewers every day . We are expanding and increasing our footprint globally now. So, this is your opportunity to not only help others with your ideas/suggestions/tips but also to get famous among your prospective clients and to be a hit among your increased number of followers.

So, if you have any important tip, hack, style or trend to share with weds to be / newlyweds , grab your keyboard and shoot a mail to us at [email protected] We would love to hear from you.

What we look for ?

1.Anyone can submit an article related to anything about Wedding. It could be anything from makeup hacks, fashion tips ,latest trends, travel suggestions, lifestyle, anything that could help our to- be weds .

2. The article must be in English . It should have not less than 500 words, with 8-10 good resolution photographs.

3. Relevant topics and good research.

4. Correct language/ grammar is very important, so that we don’t have to edit it a lot.

What we don’t look for ?

1. We don’t like Copy /Paste write-ups. We have software to detect that, so please.

2. We don’t look for brand promotion in article until and unless it is very important and is a part of really useful article.

3. Stolen/ un credited images.

So, now you know the rules . Then,what are you waiting for ? Send your articles at  [email protected] Write into us and you shall hear from us very soon.

Also, if you want tips/suggestions/hacks/feature etc from to be published on your platform. Do contact us with your blog/website at [email protected]