Santa Claus

Christmas is one of the most sought after festivals for children since Santa Clause comes on this auspicious day in order to give them a lot gifts. There is no child in the world who never thought to get blessed by Santa Clause by gifts. Christmas cannot be imagined without Santa Claus and for most of us Santa Claus means a healthy man draped in white and red attire having a snow white beard and hair. But apart from it, there is more to know which you must get to know about Santa Clause.

There is a great history behind this jolly man, which can take us back to the 3rd century. There was a monk namely St. Nicholas. He was loved by all their acquaintance due to having a kind and lovely nature. He is also known for dispersing wealth among the poor and needy people in order to help them. St. Nicholas ruled over many hearts when he saved the life of three sisters by giving dowry since these girls were going to be sold into slavery.

Gradually, St. Nicholas had gone popular day by day and people start knowing him as protector of child and needy people. And St. Nicholas has become one of the most popular monk in the Europe. Now, St. Nicholas is known as Santa Claus.

To make children happy on the auspicious day of Christmas, many people get dressed in white and red dress and carry a heavy bag having a lot of gifts. And greet children by giving them gifts. Children eagerly await Christmas to get a gift from Santa Claus. In some countries, children put their shoes out of the door to receive the gift.

To get dressed up in a Santa Claus dress and giving gifts among the needy children is the great way to keep alive the thoughts of St. Nicholes who always want to help them. It also teaches the people to share the happiness with the people who do not have deep pocket to celebrate the Christmas. Sharing gifts, sweets and goodies with them is one of the great way to enjoy this festival.

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