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Jennifer Lopez Makes Iggy Azalea Feel Like a “Pile of Dog Poo”

She might have closed out the American Music Awards in an epic way, but Iggy Azaleaisn’t feeling too great about herself despite the knockout performance.

The rapper, who won favorite rap/hip-hop album and best rap artist, posted on Twitter that her fellow performer Jennifer Lopez makes her feel like a “pile of dog poo” (LOL). But it’s not what you think!

Iggy and J.Lo performed their song “Booty” together and not only nailed it, but they also reminded everyone of how amazing Jenny from the Block really is…and Iggy agrees! The “Fancy” rapper tweeted, “And of course @jlo made me look like a pile of dog poo standing next to her because she’s so perfect. seriously tho, i love her. babeville.”

You’re not alone, Iggy. Honestly, who doesn’t love Lopez?

It’s pretty hard not to be into her amazing voice, unbelievable dance moves or her flawless body when she’s shaking it all on the stage. The duo even managed to surprise viewers multiple times when J.Lo branched off and did her own dance break that was filled with booty shaking and even some twerking.


Jennifer Lopez, American Music Awards 2014

But the “Black Widow” rapper didn’t just show love for her stage partner! She also tweetedout her love of Taylor Swift and even Charli XCX, whom she has recorded music with in the past.

“Oh and also taylor i loved your performance and charli you rocked!”

Twitter must be Iggy’s social media platform of choice because she has been very active on it recently. Before the AMAs the “Beg for It” artist spent some time clearing up the air in regards to her “Booty” performance. There were rumors that ABC was going to go heavyhanded on the performance because it was said to be too risqué, but the Aussie rapper immediately brushed those off by addressing them head on.

“Im not sure if the ‘executives’ are ‘worried’ about me and jlos performance. lol. i haven’t even been to a rehearsal for it yet so….” she posted.

She continued to write that there weren’t any “plans to expose anyone’s nipples or vaginas,” but then teased, “with that being said, we aren’t performing in turtleneck sweaters either…. hahahahaha ;-).”

They definitely didn’t disappoint!

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