Dan Bilzerian

Dan Brandon Bilzerian is an American professional poker player, actor, and internet social media subject. Dan Bilzerian is one and only celebrity who has worn many hats at the same time.

Dan Bilzerian is one and only celebrity who has worn many hats at the same time. Dan Bilzerian was born on December 7, 1980 in Tampa, Florida. He possesses net worth of $150 million and that’s why always grab many eyeballs.

He is a well-known American venture Poker Player, Ex-navy, Capitalist and film actor. Apart from it, he is co-founder of an online poker room. Not only this, but the amazing fact is that he earned millions of dollars by playing poker.

Dan Bilzerian Personal Life:-

Being a son of corporate raider Paul Bilzerian, his childhood revolved around luxuries. In his family, he has a brother namely Adams since half of Bilzerian family has met an accident. Money has never been a matter for him. He earned a lot of popularity to become by wearing many hats at the same time. Apart from it, but Bilzerian is also recognised as an actor and stuntman too. And if we look in his early life, he was enrolled in the Navy in 1999 and took SEAL training, but unfortunately he dropped off two days before completion of the graduation. At present, he is quite busy in making money through his ventures, poker, bets with friends etc.

Why People Love To Follow Him :-

There is a huge list of fans of Dan Bilzerian since he lives a playboy lifestyle and quite active at Instagram and Facebook pages. His legions of fans know very well his love for Cars, Guns and Money. And his most of the photographs often come with money, guns, cars, models etc. And that is the one of the major reasons that he is being followed by a huge fan. He covered a lot camera flashes when took part in the World Series of Pocket Main Event in 2009.

Dan Bilzerian

dan bilzerian

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